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Cliff Reviews, Arthouse

I am a film enthusiast!  I love all films, both newly released and older work.  I enjoy all genres including the Hollywood blockbusters.  However, the focus of this channel is principally to review arthouse and independent movies.


The channel was created with my writer friend Joe and we initially focused on films that were showing on Mubi in the UK.  Joe moved on to focus on his writing so I decided to continue the channel and broaden it beyond films showing on Mubi.


The channel reviews any 'arthouse' movie.  For me, arthouse is defined as any movie with an artistic element as opposed to being purely for entertainment.  That said, I may broadly interpret this definition sometimes!


I try to avoid major spoilers but sometimes I just need to comment on something!  I will identify where this is the case.

Click here to see the reviews on my YouTube channel.

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