Cliff and Joe, Arthouse

Please note that all film reviews contain spoilers and assume that you have seen the film.

Cliff and Joe love films. Both of them make films too. Joe is also a writer and Cliff is an artist and economist. In normal times they regularly go to see arthouse films in London and spend ages in the coffee shop afterwards discussing them. During the pandemic, they have both been using their subscription to Mubi to watch films that neither of them have seen before.  

Cliff says “we have been agreeing particular films to watch and then having a long chat about our reactions to them afterwards. Recently Joe said to me shall we make a podcast? It was a no brainer”.

Currently, we choose films that are available to watch on Mubi. The idea is to replicate the coffee shop discussion after the film. Thus, we are not researching the films in advance nor are we editing the discussion afterwards. We would love to hear other people’s reviews of these films. So we are making a podcast that we would like. We hope that you like it too.

Upcoming Films to be reviewed April/May 2021

  • Songs my brothers taught me (2015) - Chloé Zhao

  • Those that, at a distance, resemble another (2019) - Jessica Sarah Rinland

  • Donnie Darko (2001) - Richard Kelly 

  • Rey (2017) - Niles Atallah

  • Isadora's Children (2019) - Damien Manivel

  • Malmkrog (2020) - Cristi Puiu

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