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Main Art Works and Projects



Going to art school in mid-life gave me experiences that changed my view of the world.  This included my understanding of and approach to business and economics.  Having had a successful career as an economist, my experiences as an artist prompted an evolution into the Artist-Economist.  The Artist-Economist creates works exploring what happens to economics when it is combined with the artist- prefix.

An artist and a writer talk about collaboration 



On 21 December 2021, an artist and a writer met in the 6th floor functions room of the Tate Modern London for a discussion about collaborating on an art work.  The discussion that ensued, the whole of which was filmed, lasted for around 100 minutes.  One of the conclusions reached that evening was that the discussion itself was an art work.  However, neither the artist nor the writer felt that the discussion in itself was an art work sufficiently resolved to be presented in its raw form.  Rather, both felt that the discussion should be considered as a raw material from which a joint art work would be made. 

Radical Gallery

The Radical Gallery incorporates a series of projects that involve the activation of urban areas as gallery space.  The foundation of this initiative is the Radical Gallery Proposition which takes radical equality as its starting point and presupposes that there are no fixed definitions of terms such as art, artist and gallery.  Focusing on the viewer’s experience, the Radical Gallery aims to activate art works outside established conventions and codes.  This not only proposes radical ideas on the definition of art, it also offers new insights on urban regeneration, economic policy, self-development and the meaning of life.

Expedition to the fourth dimension through the space inside a cube

Expedition to the 4th dimension charts an exploration of multi-dimensions through art works.  It started with the exploration of 3D space through 2D drawings which evolved into a performance where the artist talks about his experience of taking this further to experience the fourth dimension.


Taking inspiration from James Turrell’s Skyspaces, the Sky Viewer project explored the viewing of infinite space through small apertures in various types of cardboard sky viewer.  The fact that the sky viewers are made from discarded materials democratises access to the infinite, making it readily available to all.

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