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The Radical Gallery St Leonards


The whole of Norman Road (from East to West) is activated as a gallery space.

Gallery Brochure

RGSL Poster tiff.jpg

Works included in the tour

RGSL 1-8.jpg

1. Partially erased Klein
2. Where the sky Starts
3. Theatre of pictorial sensibility
4. Adding material to the immaterial (four panels)
5. The space before space
6. Minimax
7. Intertextuality and the rectangle
8. Void monument

The Radical Gallery St Leonards was activated at the request of the De La Warr Pavilion and Project 78 in July 2015.  Inaugural tours of the gallery took place at the DLWP’s Dear Serge event offsite @ Project 78 on 25 July 2015.  The art works were further developed during a 10 day residency at Project 78 Gallery in August/September 2015.


The artist, Cliff Stevenson, stated the following on the experience of activating the Radical Gallery St Leonards.


This is the fourth Radical Gallery activated during the past year. It’s interesting to see how the work is evolving with each gallery.  Although the selection of art works is made without any preconceived definitions of art, artist or gallery, I am realising that the art works I am activating are not in a vacuum.  In all of the galleries the works are influenced by the poetry of art history.  In St Leonards it has really been evident that the art works do not exist independent of other art works, the works referencing several artists including Yves Klein and Robert Rauschenberg.  I don’t think that there is a contradiction between not accepting any art conventions yet still being aware of art history.  In fact, just as with art works in the great galleries of the world, the joy of these works is discovering the references to other art works that already existed in Norman Road and were just waiting to be activated.

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