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Sharing my process

Welcome to the first post on my #cliffstevensonart blog. I am making a commitment today that I will regularly post on all activities in relation to my art work. I have been meaning to do this for a long time and have made many plans to start. I am really good at spending ages making a great plan and then never fully implementing it. I graduated from art school in 2015 and I have been consistently working on about 10 projects since then but none of them have been completed. I have a problem with finishing things!

So, rather than planning the perfect blog, I am just setting out on this journey and will see what develops. This means that the blog may be a bit rough at the edges. It may mean that not all of the content is particularly interesting. But I give myself permission to work on this basis. You don't have to like everything that I produce. But if I pique your interest now and then that would make me happy.

I plan to share a broad range of content in this blog. Obviously I will share any projects that are completed. So, the first of the 10 projects that I have been developing and that has reached a first proper draft form (An Artist and a Writer Talk) will have a blog item. But I also intend to share the process of making my art work. For me, the process is often more enjoyable and satisfying than the final resolution of the project. That's where the magic and wonder of that poetic moment happens. The problem with sharing the process means that a lot of investigation that may be irrelevant to the final outcome will be shared. Some of it may be a complete dead end. So again, I give myself permission to share such imperfect material with you. I don't have to edit it, filter it or clean it up later in order to put it out there.

In addition to completed work and my process, I also may share some thoughts on what I do in relation to my wellbeing. Creativity is a critical part of maintaining my wellbeing and I would like to effectively journal some of my creative and spiritual journey.

All of this is an experiment. At the same time as creating this blog, I am upgrading my activity on social media and will be experimenting with Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and even Tok Tok. It's going to be fun having an outlet to keep a journal of this journey too.

So, here we go. Hopefully two additional posts will quickly follow. One on the Artist/Writer project and the other on a new (11th!) project that I have just started yesterday. I am particularly excited by the latter because I will, for the first time, properly document my process from the very beginning of a project through to its final output. It is also a project which falls under the Artist-Economist umbrella and I am very excited by this because it seems like it is such a fruitful part of my practice. The new project relates to the UK government's policy on freeports. I'm pretty certain that no-one else in the world is currently making art work on freeports so the one thing that I can claim for the project is that it is unique!

I aim to provide at least one original image relating to my art work with each post. For the first post, I am providing a screenshot from the movie review that I did yesterday for the film Piercing (see movie review tab above).

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