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Sainsburys Blackpool and Vector Brushes

I took this photo about 5 years ago and I started a drawing of it on an old iPad. I was using the app 'Brushes' at that point. I never actually finished it, although I did spend quite a long time working on it. Like most art apps for tablets, Brushes uses pixel based brushes. I did this drawing by zooming in on each section so that I was never drawing at the actual scale of the final output. With pixel based brushes, of course, the lines become pixellated when scaled up. I discovered Adobe Fresco a couple of years ago. Fresco has both pixel and vector brushes. The advantage of vector brushes is that they scale up so that the lines are clean whatever scale I am drawing at. There are many vector drawing apps but Fresco is the only app I have found where drawing with a vector brush is freehand and totally feels like any other brush. I decided to start the drawing again using a vector brush and it was a much more enjoyable drawing experience.

I'm interested if there are other vector drawing apps that are similar to Adobe Fresco. Please let me know if you know any!

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