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An artist and a writer talk about collaboration

I have a writer friend with whom I often talk about my art work. Five years ago we filmed a 100 minute conversation in the Tate Modern that we had on possible collaboration. One of the conclusions we reached was that the discussion itself was an art work. However, the work was not resolved and so formed the raw material for a more developed form of the work. In 2021 I finally pulled the materials together and created 8 components from the original material. Some of these components were again filmed in the same location as the original 2016 conversation.

It didn't feel satisfactory to just take the original conversation and present it as an art work in itself. Rather, my aim was to find poetry in various component parts of the work that, when viewed together, would give access to the whole conversation. But this would be through the poetry rather than literally hearing every word of the discussion.

The work can be accessed through the art work tab above or at the following link.

The videos are on my #cliffstevensonart YouTube channel at the following link.

Although the 8 component videos constitute the full materials that make up the complete work, an 8'30" summary and conclusions can be seen as one version of the final work.

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